Web Group Summary - 07 Dec 98

Jason Radford has donated the kosh.net domain, a large amount of space on his server and a number of other services including the mailing lists.

Rudi Chiarito is the manager of the Formal Development Environment working group. His main role at the moment is to provide a documentation control and management system.

Kamil Drzewinski is the official KOSH graphics man. (He has also offered ftp space if we require it at a later date.)

John Shepard has donated his Moo Bunny 4 message board to be incorporated into the site. Check it out at: Moo Bunny 4

Fleecy has set up the site as it is at the moment as a model for us to build upon. Any feedback is welcome.

I (Greg Harris) am the manager of this working group and KOSH webmaster. My main role is to co-ordinate all the work done by the different people involved in this group. I also have some perl and html skills which I'll be using to add some more 'interactive' features to the site as time goes by.

Welcome to the WG's newest member Chris Elliott.

Moving Forwards

I'm making changes to the directory structure of how the site is stored to allow for easier expansion.

Kamil is working on more graphics. I'll be adding the javascript so that the balls in the different icons light up when a mouse is placed above them.
When Moo Bunny 4 is out of beta (or when John feels that it is ready) it will be set up in the dev site for a few days of testing. It will be used on a number of pages on the site to offer a way to collect feedback from the community.

I'll be getting in contact with each of you later this week just to confirm my records of how much time you are able to put into this and what skills you have to offer.

Everyone that has agreed will be added to the WG mailing list soon.

What direction should we take the site?

What points about the site do you currently like?

What areas need improvement?

I need some feedback. =)

Thanks once again to everyone that has offered to help.