Translate One of the key aspects of a system is the ability to describe it. This is especially important in a community setting, when we are trying to take in a huge amount of information from a large set of many different viewpoints. To this end, we are moving towards the creation of a common projection and a common vocabulary, allowing everyone to be speaking the same language and using the same words to mean the same things.

A projection is a way of describing something using something that is already familiar. For KOSH we are using nautical and ecological terms. A vocabulary is the building block of a projection. The logical N description provides a description of the KOSH system through its projection. The glossary of terms is provided below, with cross links to the description, where applicable.

Entity design process
KOSH compiler
KOSH entity model
Public interface

This glossary will obviously grow as KOSH itself grows. If you feel that there are words you would like to see defined here , then please email KOSH.