The cybersea is a finite, virtual container which provides an environment for a finite set of entities. The cybersea provides services that allow entities to exist in one of the states defined by the entity lifecycle. The rules of existence and interaction within the cybersea are called The law of the sea.

The cybersea is a closed entity. Entities can only pass into or out of it through immigration.

Cyberseas connect to each other through channels. A gate is formed at the point where the channel connects to the cybersea and provides all services required for entry into and exit from the cybersea.

The cybersea in which an entity resides is called the local cybersea. All others are referred to as foreign cyberseas. For cyberseas, there is a lower level distinction between near and far, near being a cybersea that resides on the same machine, and far being one that resides on another machine.