Living Document - Logical Architecture group

The living document for the LA WG represents the current description of KOSH as it is being discussed, debated and created by the LA WG. As such, the description is a living document that changes, grows and groans as time goes by. It is both the result of our last round of deliberations and food for the next round.

What follows below is the logical 0 description of KOSH. This is arranged as a series of hierachical definitions, in a linked form and in a glossary format. When completed it should provide a complete, high level discription of KOSH, and allow for us to advance to logical 1.

KOSH - logical 0

KOSH will provide a container environment in which a rich ecology of entities are able to interact, operate and evolve. It will consist of a self contained, virtual cybersea , that can be hosted on top of any operating system or hardware which can provide the necessary docking mechanism for the cybersea.