Working Groups

The Working Groups are the engines that help to drive KOSH. They are small, intense, and dedicated to completing the task assigned to them. To facilitate the most rapid development they are, with only a few, rare exceptions, never more than seven members strong.

Each Working Group has a Working Group manager, a title describing its purpose, a list of members, a set of deliverables and a scribe. All of this is reported on the web page that each Working Group must maintain and update on a weekly basis.

Whilst the Working Groups work in private, a scribe collects all the information and discussion and distills it down into a summary post. No names can be mentioned, merely the direction and discussion points of the Working Group. For many Working Groups, there are also companion mailing lists. These are open mailing lists in which community members can debate the points being made and offer suggestions and discussion. A scribe in these lists summarises the points and offers them up to the Working Group. In this way, information and ideas are transferred without interrupting the work of the Working Groups..

Please feel free to contact us to suggest any new working groups you feel we may need.

Working Group Name Status Type Purpose
Hardware 1 Dormant Invite Examine a set of Hardware specifications
HAL/HSM_1 Proposed Invite Define a set of Hardware services and present a common interface to SW
BOSS_1 Proposed Invite Examine and define Basic Operating Systems Services
Logical Architecture 1 In Progress Invite Define a high level Operating System and Hardware architecture
Formal Development Environment Dormant Open Provide a Documentation strategy and implementation document
Webgroup In Progress Open Provide web services for KOSH