KOSH hardware-O summary - 21 DEC 1998

This summary covers a little more than a weeks worth of material and
also includes a batch of older emails which were reposted from the
Team Amiga Mailing List.  

Things we have discussed to date:
Various CPU's we like include:  Mips, StrongArm, Alpha, PowerPC.
Of course we want KOSH to run on as many CPU's as possible.

There was extensive discussion of USB versus Firewire, versus SCSI, 
the conclusion being that USB is cheap and good for slow peripherals,
while SCSI and Firewire are better for high bandwith. 

Autoconfiguration was discussed. USB, PCI, and Firewire all offer 
autoconfig capabilities.  PCI also allows cards
to contain boot ROM, which could even be flashable.  If KOSH wanted
to take advantage of this a decision would have to be made betwen using
an existing format like OpenFirmWare or designing a new one.

Having a core OS boot into Flash ROM could have many advantages, for
example virus protection, crash recovery tools. 

It would also be cool if the OS supported some kind of process swapping
between various CPU's.  This could take advantage of a standard 
interconnect, like SCSI, and be used to build AMP clusters, which could
even contain SMP machines.  

A couple case ideas were tossed around:  one in which the bus is part of the
case, and another in which the case is entirely contained in another
case, with a fluid coolant layer in between.

Copy protection was discussed and it was agreed that dongles were annoying
and a good public/private key encryption key scheme should not be hard
to implement.  This could include a central database of registered users,
(with their info kept privately)  This could also include a device which
kept ones' public/private keys, even transmitting them to the computer over
a small wireless network.  

Also, more on the UI tip, having icons be fractal compressed was mentioned,
meaning they could be resized as needed.  Indeed, if wanted icons could be
extended to include all sorts of fancy features, with no limits.

Okay, that's most of what was discussed, if you think I left anything big
out, or have any other feedback, let me know.  And again, I'm probably the
least technically capable person on this list, so if anyone else wants to
scribe I won't object.  Till next week,
                          smurph - smurph@one.area.com