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Current lists

We're currently providing two mailing lists with our hosts. More may be provided if they prove to be necessary. If you think a new mailing list should be generated, feel free to contact KOSH and suggest it yourself. If you are a newcomer to KOSH, click here for instructions on how to join our general mailing list. If you already know how to subscribe, you can use the links below. Remember that you must confirm your subscribtion (within 5 days), by replying to an authorisation mail that you will receive shortly after your request to subscribe.

List Name Working Group Subsribe Unsubscribe Format Summary
kosh none kosh kosh open, general 28 JUL 2000
kosh-la Logical Architecture kosh-la kosh-la open, specific Scribe required

Working groups

The idea is that most of the project work will be done on closed mailing lists. For each list, a scribe will create a weekly summary and post it, with the Working Group's blessing to the Working Group webpages. For these closed Working Groups, there will be a parallel open mailing list, where community members can discuss what the Working Group is doing, where it is going and start their own discussions. A scribe on each of the open mailing lists will create a weekly summary, posting it to the Working Group pages. The weekly summaries will also be read by the Working Group members. (Note: At the moment this idea is not realised.)

Some work, however, will be done by smaller PAD groups. These are less formal, temporary groups which report back as and when felt necessary by group representatives and the PAD organiser.

Previous lists (all are dormant)

List Name Associated Working Group Format Summary
kosh-german none open, general List dormant
kosh-italian none open, general List dormant
kosh-hardware Hardware 1 closed, specific in preparation
kosh-hardware-o Hardware 1 open, specific 24 MAY 1999
kosh-logical-arch Logical Architecture 1 closed, specific 13 DEC 98
kosh-logical-arch-o Logical Architecture 1 open, specific List dormant
kosh-migration-o Migration (proposed) open, specific Scribe required
kosh-programming-o Programming (proposed) open, specific Scribe required
kosh-terminology-o none open, specific Scribe required
kosh-webteam Webgroup closed, specific 07 DEC 98

If any lists are shown incorrectly, please get in touch so that corrected information can be posted.