Note - some developers are highlighted. This is as their records withing KOSH are incomplete due to staffing problems and we haven't been able to contact them. Our apologies - if this affects you, can you please get in touch? If it affects someone you know, can you let them know?

Name/Company/OrganisationOffersTime offered per week
Albert BaileySystems, Interface10 hrs
Clash BowleyHardware5-10 hrs
Dean Brown (DKB)Hardware, Systems10 hrs
Paul BurkeySystems, Games Interface10 hrs
John ChandlerDevelopment, web, articles12 hrs
Rudi ChiaritoDocumentation and Process Management12 hrs
Colin-Stewart Bridge DeadyScribe6 hrs
Kamil DrzewinskiWeb graphics8 hrs
Greg HarrisWeb design and managment12 hrs
Gabriel J. HauberDocumentation management2 hrs
Dave HaynieHardware, Systems, Audio10 hrs
Alexandre JeambrunKernel design & development10 hrs
Ignaz KellerArchitecture, Kernal14 hrs
Paul ManiasSystems, Games Interface, Kernal10 hrs
Michael MerrimanSurveying10 hrs
Fleecy MossManagement, Design, Development20 hrs
Joel NewKirkWeb, Graphics, Interface10 hrs
Paul NolanSystems, graphics6 hrs
Shane O'NeillDevelopmentVaries
Marcus PeterssonUser Interfaces10 hrs
Jason RadfordWeb design, provision10 hrs
Sam SticklandDesign, Kernal, Systems10 hrs
Timo K Suoranta-5 hrs
Drew Tarmey (IAT)Hardware, Systems10 hrs
Mick TinkerHardware, Systems10 hrs
Hans TormDanish translator4 hrs
Andy WanlessWeb programming>10 hrs
Greg WebbWeb support, surveying>10 hrs
Neil WilliamsScribe6 hrs