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This list is always going to be a work in progress. KOSH needs your contributions, so if you have a book or URL you'd like to recommend, or want to add a review (good or bad) to an item listed below, feel free to mail them to the list maintainer, John Chandler.

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Compiler Development
Computer Graphics
Documentation Writing
File Systems
Formal Methods
General Programming & Algorithms
Hardware Programming
Human-Computer Interfaces
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Artificial Intelligence

Title: Artificial Intelligence (2nd Ed.)
Authors: Elaine Rich & Kevin Knight
Pub: McGraw Hill (1991)
ISBN: 0070522634
I've not read this one cover-to-cover by any means, but it's explained what I wanted to know clearly and simply whenever I've looked something up in it. Always seems to have had enough detail, and you've got exercises at the end of chapters.

Compiler Development

Title: Modern Compiler Implementation in C
Author: Andrew W. Appel
Pub: Cambridge University Press (1998)
ISBN: 052158390X
Available with ML or Java as the application language. Should be used in conjunction with another compilers book as some things are left out or are just briefly covered. Has chapters covering OO and functional languages.
Luke A. Guest

Title: Project Oberon: The Design of an Operating System and Compiler
Authors: N. Wirth, J.Gutknecht
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1992)
ISBN: 0201544288

Computer Graphics

Title: Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice (2nd Edition in C)
Authors: Foley, Van Dam, Feiner, Hughes, Phillips
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1996?)
ISBN: 0201848406
Title: Computer Graphics: Principle and Practice (2nd Edition)
Authors: Foley, Van Dam, Feiner, Hughes
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1990)
ISBN: 0201121107 (unavailable on Amazon)
(About the C edition...)
This book is fantastic for anyone wanting deeper understanding/information on all aspects of Computer Graphics, from 2D and 3D primitives, raytracing, radiosity rendering, to user interface methodologies. (look & feel, not I/O) It covers many different topics, including underlying hardware concepts, interface techniques, UI design considerations, rendering techniques, image processing, and others. This edition (I have the 1st edition) includes considerable example code in C to accompany many subjects.
Joel NewKirk
(About the Pascal edition...)
The bible of computer graphics. I bought this for the computer graphics module at university, and built a simple raytracing system as part of my final year work using this book almost exclusively. The book covers pretty much everything you need to know about 2D and 3D graphics, user interfaces, image processing, hardware and software, and advanced topics - all building from the ground up. Everything is illustrated with plenty of source code and diagrams. Also includes a handy crash course on most of the maths involved.
John Chandler

Title: Graphic Gems
Author: A.S. Glassner
Pub: Academic Press Inc. (1994)
ISBN: 0122861663 (out of print)

Title: Graphics Gems II
Author: J. Arvo
Pub: AP Professional (1994)
ISBN: 0120644819 (out of print)

Title: Graphics Gems III (IBM Version)
Author: D. Kirk
Pub: Academic Press Inc. (1994)
ISBN: 0124096735 (out of print)

Title: Graphics Gems IV (IBM Version)
Author: P. Heckbert
Pub: Academic Press Inc. (1994)
ISBN: 0123361559


Title: Modern Database Management (4th Edition)
Author: F.R. McFadden, J.A. Hoffer
Pub: Benjamin/Cummings (1991)
ISBN: 0805360476 (out of print?)
Title: Modern Database Management (5th Edition)
Authors: F.R. McFadden, J.A. Hoffer, M.B. Prescott
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1998)
ISBN: 0805360549
(About the 4th edition...)
Absolutely huge, and plenty of detail, but it shows its age a little - the example DMBS used is dBase IV or Paradox. Still, the info's in there. My only real complaint was that it seemed to be aimed at pretty raw beginners - I had a reasonable understanding of the subject before coming to the book and found it glacially slow going. Still, the information was there, assuming I had the patience to read enough to find it.

Documentation Writing

Title: Report Writing (2nd Edition)
Authors: Joan Van Emden & Jennifer Easteal
Pub: McGraw-Hill (1993)
ISBN: 0077076060
Title: Report Writing
Authors: Joan Van Emden & Jennifer Easteal
Pub: Stanley Thornes (1995)
ISBN: 074871894X (unavailable on Amazon)


Title: Snow Crash
Author: Neal Stephenson
Pub: Roc (1992)
ISBN: 0140232923 (unavailable on Amazon)
Title: Snow Crash (reissue edition)
Author: Neal Stephenson
Pub: Bantam Spectra (1993)
ISBN: 0553562614
One of the most enjoyable books ever written, IMHO. This is cyberpunk fiction for the programmer - unlike Gibson, Neal Stephenson knows his hacker lore. Funny and intelligent, with a great story which doesn't take itself too seriously - plus some of the best visions of technology in the near future, which is why it's on the list...
John Chandler

File Systems

Title: File Systems
Author: T.R. Harbron
Pub: Prentice-Hall (1988)

Formal Methods

Title: Formal Specification and Documentation Using Z : A Case Study Approach
Author: J. Bowen
Pub: International Thomson Publishing (1996)
ISBN: 1850322309
Again, my judgement here is going to be clouded by the fact I don't like the underlying subject :) It's a decent enough text though, the guy who wrote it was, at time of writing, Chairman of the Z user group and it's got plenty of examples of Z in action. Try having a look at http://www.comlab.ox.ac.uk/oucl/usres/jonathan.bowen/zbook.html

General Programming & Algorithms

Title: The Art of Computer Programming Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms (3rd Edition)
Author: D. Knuth
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1997)
ISBN: 0201896834
Title: The Art of Computer Programming Volumes 1-3 (Boxed Set)
Author: D. Knuth
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1998)
ISBN: 0201485419

Title: Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Ada
Author: Mark Allen Weiss
Pub: The Benjamin/Cummings publishing company, Inc (1993)
ISBN: 0805390553
Available with C as the source language. A must for any programmers.
Luke A. Guest

Title: Data Structures and Algorithms with Modula-2
Authors: P.J. Gabrini, B.L. Kurtz
Pub: D.C.Heath (1992)
ISBN: 0669123048 (Out of Stock)
Although probably not the best textbook ever written on the subject of algorithms, it did provide a very useful book during my first year at university - primarily as a refresher to some topics, and an introduction to others. While the source code is in Modula-2, a quick quide is provided and everything should be recognisable to programmers of Pascal, C, etc. Background knowledge requirements are minimal as this is really a text for the novice programmer. Subjects are broken down into theory and practice, rounded off with a fully worked example to illustrate the subject in-depth. Covers topics such as abstract data types, searching/sorting, algorithm analysis, arrays, lists, trees, stacks/queues, hashes, strings and even graphs and sets. Examples included on a floppy disk (what, no CD-ROM??? *grin*).
John Chandler

Title: Introduction to Functional Programming
Authors: Richard Bird, Philip Wadler
Pub: Prentice-Hall (1988)
ISBN: 0134841972 (out of print)
A slightly odd text. I came across it in the contest of learning the functional programming language Miranda (sorry, I don't know of any URLs you could look up though I think it's run by Canterbury University so try http://www.cant.ac.uk/ ?) and, while it's useable for that, it's teaching functional programming as an abstract concept rather than teaching any one language. It's very close to Miranda, but not quite identical (though an appendix on Miranda is supplied).
My feelings here are always going to be coloured by a strong dislike for Miranda, but it's probably pretty good if you want to learn about a new programming paradigm and not just stick with imperative languages forever. I'm no fan, but it's worth knowing about it!

Title: Principles of Concurrent and Distributed Programming
Author: M. Ben-Ari
Pub: Prentice-Hall (1990)
ISBN: 013711821X (Out of Stock)

Title: Programming Pearls (2nd Edition)
Author: J.L. Bentley
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1999)
ISBN: 0201657880
URL: http://www.programmingpearls.com/
A fascinating collection of Jon Bentley's essays for 'Communications of the ACM', covering creativity and insight as tools to supplement the more formal engineering processes required to write solid, efficient code. Highly readible no matter what your level of programming skill, clear, with a practical, real-life basis to each topic. This book really encourages clear and creative programming - a valuable addition to any programmer's library.
John Chandler

Hardware Programming

Title: Master Class Assembler
Authors: I. Chebotko, P. Kalatchin, Y. Kiselev, K. Malakhov, P. Kalachin, S. Shkredov
Pub: Wrox Press (1994)
ISBN: 1874416346
Review of Assembly Language, Programming Intel 80386/80486 Processors, Fundamental System Programming Techniques, Disassembly, Writing Device Drivers, Interfacing to Other Devices, Interfacing to ISA Bus Devices, Programming Sound, Low-Level Disk Techniques, Data Compression Techniques, PC Video Architecture, Advanced Video Techniques, Memory Under 1Mb, Memory Above 1Mb, Programming in Protected Mode, Practical Protected Mode Programming, Viruses and Antiviruses, Pentium Programming, Assembly Language Libraries, Advanced Assembly Language Techniques, Assembly Language Optimizations

Title: Microprocessor Systems: An Introduction
Author: R.J. Mitchell
Pub: Macmillan (1995)
ISBN: 0333641906 (unavailable on Amazon)
Like it says, a pretty basic introduction to microprocessor systems :) Covers a little softwatre, but it's mostly concerned with hardware - specifically the 8051, MC68020 and STE bus. Written mainly around the course the author teaches at Reading University to first year Cybernetics students - see http://www.cyber.rdg.ac.uk/

Human-Computer Interfaces

Title: The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design
Author: B. Laurel
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1990)
ISBN: 0201517973

Title: Artificial Reality
Author: M.W. Krueger
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1982)
ISBN: ? (out of print)
Title: Artificial Reality II
Author: M.W. Krueger
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1991)
ISBN: 0201522608
(About the 1st Edition)
The 'father of VR' describes his art projects during the 60s and 70s using computer technology to produce interactive environments (now known as virtual reality).
John Chandler
(About the 2nd Edition)
An overhauled version of Artificial Reality, including projects originally presented in theory, but now described in practice. This book also offers an interesting look at the theory and practice of not just virtual reality, but also the broader issue of human-computer interfaces and interaction.

Article: Responsive Environments
Author: M.W. Krueger
Pages: pp.473-486
Book: Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists' Writings
Authors: K. Stiles, P. Selz
Pub: University of California Press (1996)
ISBN: 0520202538
A good summary of the work featured in his 'Artificial Reality' book.
John Chandler

Magazines & Journals

Title: Heads Up
URL: http://www.realtime-info.be/

Memory Management

Article: Virtual Memory
Author: P.J. Denning
Pages: pp.153-189
Journal: Computing Surveys (Vol. 2, Sept. 1970)

Title: UVM
URL: http://www.ccrc.wustl.edu/pub/chuck/tech/uvm/
Technical documents on the UVM virtual memory system used in recent versions of NetBSD (and probably OpenBSD and FreeBSD).

Object Orientation

Title: Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
Authors: Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vlissides, Booch
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1994)
ISBN: 0201633612

Title: Object Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications (2nd Ed.)
Author: Grady Booch
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1994)
ISBN: 0805353402

Title: Object Oriented Software Construction (2nd Edition)
Author: Bertrand Meyer
Pub: Prentice-Hall (1997)
ISBN: 0136291554

Title: Object Technology: A Manager's Guide
Author: David Taylor
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1997)
ISBN: 0201309947

Title: Working With Objects: The OOram Software Engineering Model
Author: T. Reenskaug, P. Wold, O. Lehne
Pub: Manning Publications (1996)
ISBN: ? (Out of Print)

Title: (introduction)
URL: http://www.soft-design.com/softinfo/objects.html

Operating Systems

Title: Beginning Linux Programming (2nd Edition)
Authors: R. Stones, N. Matthew
Pub: Wrox Press (1999)
ISBN: 1861002971
Perhaps not a book directly relevant to KOSH, except hosted on a UNIX OS, but still a good title to take a look at. This book is serving as a refresher to my UNIX hacking days at university. It's certainly a thick book and certainly provides an equally broad overview of the languages, libraries, APIs and technologies involved in Linux and UNIX in general. Shell programming to Gnome and X11, Tcl to Curses, Perl to POSIX threads, debugging tools and development environments. As recommended by Slashdot.org, which can't be bad. :-)
John Chandler

Title: Developing Your Own 32-Bit Operating System
Author: R. Burgess
Pub: ?
ISBN: ? (out of print)

Title: Modern Operating Systems
Author: A.S. Tanenbaum
Pub: Prentice-Hall (1992)
ISBN: 0135881870

Title: Operating Systems Concepts (5th Ed.)
Authors: Abraham Silberschatz, Peter B. Gavin
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1997)
ISBN: 0201591138
URL: http://www.awl.com/cseng/
Nice book. No-one seems quite sure why there's cartoon dinosaurs on the cover, but never mind :) Gives plenty of examples, covers more topics than I've felt the need to look at and gives detailed case studies of Berkeley 4.3BSD, Linux and Windows NT. Mach, MS-DOS, Solaris 2, Windows, OS/2, MacOS, VMS and TOPS-20 are all discussed as well. At time of publishing, a companion mailinglist was in existence - subscription is by mailing avi@bell-labs.com indicating your name, affiliation and e-mail address. For more info, visit http://www.awl.com/cseng/books/osc5e

Title: Operating Systems Design and Implementation (2nd Edition)
Authors: A.S. Tanenbaum, A.S. Woodhull
Pub: Prentice-Hall (1997)
ISBN: 0136386776
The book that started off Linus Torvalds. Tanenbaum's book is an excellent introduction to OS development, easy to read with good examples and a CD-ROM packed with the binaries and source code to a complete UNIX clone called MINIX. Good coverage is given to the history behind operating systems, processes, I/O, memory management and file systems supported with practical reference to the MINIX source. Comes with an excellent bibliography too.
John Chandler

Title: POSIX Programmer's Guide
Author: Donald Lewine
Pub: O'Reilly (1991)
ISBN: 0937175730

Title: Project Oberon: The Design of an Operating System and Compiler
Authors: N. Wirth, J.Gutknecht
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1992)
ISBN: 0201544288

Title: QNX Operating System - System Architecture
Authors: ?
Pub: QNX (?)
URL: http://www.qnx.com/literature/index.html
I received this book when I requested information from QNX. It is a very good overview of how QNX functions, how its microkernel is organized, messaging, filesystem, process management, scheduling, networking, etc. No ISBN or anything, it is availalbe (AFAIK) only direct form QNX. It was free, btw, along with the 1.44 web demo disk, Photon MicroGUI info, and much more. I 'applied' online for an information package, and I sure got it! Probably the most useful 150-page reference I've seen. The cover letter says, in part, "Many thanks for your interest in the QNX In-Hand Toolkit and for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire. In addition to what you requested, we've included information on the QNX realtime OS, the Photon microGUI, and so on."
Joel NewKirk

Title: AmigaOS
URL: http://www.amiga.com/
URL: http://www.amiga.de/

Title: AROS (Amiga Research Operating System)
URL: http://www.aros.org/

Title: BeOS
URL: http://www.be.com/

Title: FreeBSD
URL: http://www.freebsd.org/

Title: Linux
URL: http://www.linux.org/
URL: http://www.alphalinux.org/
URL: http://www.linuxppc.org/
URL: http://www.linux-m68k.org/

Title: MINIX
URL: http://www.minix.org/

Title: NetBSD
URL: http://www.netbsd.org/

Title: Oberon
URL: http://www.math.tau.ac.il/~laden/Oberon.html

Title: OpenBSD
URL: http://www.openbsd.org/

Title: PalmOS
URL: http://www.palm.com/
URL: http://www.palm.com/devzone/

Title: QNX/Neutrino
URL: http://www.qnx.com/
URL: http://www.qnx.com/amiga/

Programming Languages

Title: Beginning Java 2
Author: Ivor Horton
Pub: Wrox Press (1999)
ISBN: 1861002238

Title: The C Programing Language (2nd Edition)
Authors: B.W. Kernighan, D.M. Ritchie
Pub: Prentice-Hall (1998)
ISBN: 0131103628

Title: C++ Primer
Authors: S. Lippmann, J. Lajoie
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1998)
ISBN: 0201824701

Title: The C++ Programming Language (3rd Edition)
Author: Bjarne Stroustrup
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1997)
ISBN: 0201889544

Title: Delphi Nuts and Bolts (2nd Edition)
Author: G. Cornwell, T. Strain, C.S. Horstmann
Pub: Osborne McGraw-Hill (1996)
ISBN: 0078822033
Not really my cup of tea. Like it says, it's for experienced programmers not beginners, but I can't see many experienced programmers using it seriously. It's only 376 pages long and I quickly found it wanting as a reference text and needed to look elsewhere. It's probably OK for getting you introduced to the language, but I had a two-term course to do that for me, and this book added little to that. Worth noting that it only covers versions 1 and 2, though a later edition may be available by now, I haven't checked.

Title: Eiffel: The Language
Author: Bertrand Meyer
Pub: Prentice-Hall (1990)
ISBN: 0132479257

Title: Java in a Nutshell (2nd Edition)
Authors: D. Flanagan
Pub: O'Reilly (1997)
ISBN: 156592262X
Another O'Reilly zero-nonsense nutshell guide, aimed at real programmers who want to get stuck in with the minimum fuss. As well as an overview of the language and a quick tutorial aimed at C programmers, the book provides a comprehensive reference guide to Java 1.1 (with a section dedicated to Java 1.0 programmers upgrading to 1.1). Easy to read, informative and packed with pretty much everything you need to learn, program and explore Java.
John Chandler

Title: The Java Programming Language
Authors: K. Arnold, J. Gosling
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1997)
ISBN: 0201310066

Title: A Little Smalltalk
Author: Timothy Budd
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1997)

Title: Mastering Delphi
Author: M. Cantu
Pub: Sybex (1995)
ISBN: 0782117392 (out of print)
Title: Mastering Delphi 4
Author: M. Cantu
Pub: Sybex (?)
ISBN: 0782123503
(About the 1st Edition)
Only covers version 1, but it's superb. The best thing I can say about this book is that it sits on my shelf next to the Borland manuals and I use this as the reference, not them. Absolutely huge, packed with well explained example programs which are all on CD for reference, both as source and binary. Seriously, it's brilliant.

Title: Programming Perl (2nd Edition)
Authors: Wall, Christiansen, Schwartz
Pub: O'Reilly (1996)
ISBN: 1565921496
The ultimate Perl resource. Written by the creator of Perl and backed up with a comprehensive Perl overview, tutorial and reference section this contains everything to get the most out of this incredibly versatile language. I learnt to program in Perl over a weekend thanks to this book - you can too.
John Chandler

Title: Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence (2nd Edition)
Author: Ivan Bratko
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1990)
ISBN: 0201416069
Excellent introduction to the Prolog language, if obviously a text book for students. Clear and concise, you don't need any programming experience - in fact, with Prolog you're almost recommended NOT to have prior experience of any procedural language. Worth a look for inspiration on task-oriented and intelligent methods of programming.
John Chandler

Title: Tcl and the Tk Toolkit
Author: J.K. Ousterhout
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1994)
ISBN: 020163337X
Tcl (Tool Command Language) is a scripting language originally designed to be embedded into applications to provide scripting services. Tk (Toolkit) is a GUI control and development language offshoot of Tcl that can be used to write GUIs quickly and easily. The book is written by Tcl's creator, and gives a comprehensive overview of this simple, yet powerful, language. The book is quite expensive, and not particularly well illustrated, but the content makes up for this - it's broken down into useful areas, hits the appropriate level of technical detail for a given topic, and can be easily used as a reference book. Particular emphasis is given on Tcl's embeddable nature, with lots about adding Tcl and Tk to applications written in C.
John Chandler

Title: Smalltalk, Objects, and Design
Author: Chamond Liu
Pub: Manning Publications (1996)

Title: Teach Yourself Java 1.2 In 21 Days
Author: ?
Pub: Sams (?)
ISBN: ? (Out of Stock)
Title: Teach Yourself Java 2 In 21 Days
Authors: Laura Lemay, Rogers Cadenhead
Pub: Sams (1999)
ISBN: 0672316382

Title: Thinking in Java
Author: ?
Pub: Prentice-Hall (1998)
ISBN: 0136597238
URL: http://www.bruceeckel.com/javabook.html
I came across a few references to this book in my quest for Java. I downloaded it, and have almost completed printing out all 850 or so pages. It is highly recommended, and from what I've seen of it so far I would agree. It is available in printed form, or can be downloaded in its entirety from this site or a mirror. There are also several other resources available at his site...
Joel Newkirk

Title: Eiffel
URL: http://www.eiffel.com/doc/manuals/language/intro/page.html

Title: Java
URL: http://www.javasoft.com/docs/books/tutorial/
URL: http://www.javasoft.com/beans/docs/spec.html

Title: Oberon
URL: http://www.math.tau.ac.il/~laden/Oberon.html

Title: Perl
URL: http://www.perl.org/

Title: Python
URL: http://www.python.org/
URL: http://www.python.org/doc/Summary.html

Title: REBOL
URL: http://www.rebol.com/

Title: Smalltalk
URL: http://www2.ncsu.edu/eos/info/ece480_info/project/spring96/proj63/www/index.html
URL: http://www.ddj.com/articles/1999/9901/9901k/9901k.htm
URL: http://www.stic.org/

Title: Squeak
URL: http://squeak.cs.uiuc.edu/

Software Engineering

Title: Anti-Patterns: Refactoring Software, Architectures, and Projects in Crisis
Authors: Brown, Malveau, McCormick, Mowbray
Pub: John Wiley & Sons (1998)
ISBN: 0471197130

Title: Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change
Author: Kent Beck
Pub: Addison-Wesley (199)
ISBN: 0201616416
URL: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?ExtremeProgramming
Kent Beck's eXtreme Programming eXplained provides an intriguing high-level overview of the author's Extreme Programming (XP) software development methodology. Written for IS managers, project leaders, or programmers, this guide provides a glimpse at the principles behind XP and its potential advantages for small- to mid-size software development teams.
Aaron Digulla

Title: Principles of Software Engineering Management
Author: Thomas Gilb
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1988)
ISBN: 0201192462

Title: Software Engineering (5th Edition)
Authors: I. Sommerville
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1995)
ISBN: 0201427656
(About the 4th Edition)
A comprehensive book providing a concise introduction to the principles of Software Engineering. Highly readable, if a little skimpy on certain details. Some source code examples are provided in ADA, but these should be understood by anyone with even basic knowledge of a high-level language like C or Pascal. (A quick guide to ADA is provided, however). Topics are too numerous to mention, but the book splits itself into five parts covering Specification, Design, Programming Techniques & Tools, Validation, and Management.
John Chandler

Title: Software Inspection
Author: Gilb, Graham, Finzi
Pub: Addison-Wesley (1993)
ISBN: 0201631814

Uncategorised Technology

Title: The Unicode Standard, Version 2.0
Author: Unicode Consortium
Pub: Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 0201483459

Title: ANDF
URL: http://www.ddci.dk/news/brief_andf.html
URL: http://www.npac.syr.edu/projects/hpsin/hpandf.html

Title: ATX
URL: http://www.teleport.com/~atx/

Title: Beowulf
URL: http://www.beowulf.org/

Title: Center for Applied Special Technology
URL: http://www.cast.org/

Title: Genetix
URL: http://www.genetixsw.com/

Title: Juice
URL: http://caesar.ics.uci.edu/juice/index.html

Title: PC Cooling Technology
URL: http://www.kryotech.com/
URL: http://www.totalpc.net/hardware/renegade/

Title: Slim Binaries
URL: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~franz/

Title: Unicode
URL: http://unicode.org/

Title: Wearable Computing / Smallest Webserver
URL: http://wearables.stanford.edu/

Web/Internet Development

Title: Webmaster in a Nutshell (2nd Edition)
Authors: S.Spainhour, R. Eckstein
Pub: O'Reilly (1999)
ISBN: 1565923251
O'Reilly's comprehensive quick reference guide to assorted web technologies. While the second edition drops the Perl quick reference, it updates the book significantly managing to cram everything you could need for day-to-day web development - from client to server applications. HTML 4.0, CSS, XML, JavaScript, CGI and Perl (CGI.pm or mod_perl), PHP, HTTP, Apache server configuration, and a quick guide to tuning your webserver and website. A version of the book for WinNT users is also available.
John Chandler

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Title: Macmillan Publishing
URL: http://www.mcp.com/

Title: Macmillan Personal Bookshelf (Betabooks)
URL: http://www.mcp.com/betabooks

Title: O'Reilly & Associates
URL: http://www.ora.com/

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