Latest News

13 February 01 - KOSH Council
KOSH now has a council! Everybody, say hello! to:
  • Red (developers) speaker, John Chandler
  • Green (companies) speaker, greenboy
  • Joint Blue (users) speakers, Marcus Petersson and Greg Webb
Don't like this selection? Sign up. and, next time round and you can vote for someone else - or maybe stand yourself.

13 February 01 - SVM
Many thanks to all who've contributed to the discussions on the SVM Simple Virtual Machine. Even greater thanks to Timo Suoranta for getting the whole thing rolling and Marcus Petersson for providing valuable feedback.
Information on the SVM proposal as it currently stands is available here - please read, enjoy and contribute your thoughts. For those who missed the beginning of this fascinating task, the original document is available here. This isn't exactly a light discussion and some understanding of assembly language coding would aid any participants - but don't be intimidated!

19 September 00 - Reading meeting notes.
Notes on the recent UK meeting in Reading are now available here.

19 September 00 - General update.
Whew! This one's been a bit long coming... Summaries should now be up-to-date. The PAD documents are now available for your interest. If you want inspiring, the by-topic summary listing is also now available online. It's only a draft though, so can people please point out any mistakes! Thank you to Greg and Shane for their efforts on this. Enjoy!

21 February 00 - Booklist update.

21 February 00 - Mailinglists - update.
We should now have a mailinglist again. At the moment there's just the one, replacing kosh-general. If this proves to be a problem, more lists may be created.

1 February 00 - Mailinglist problems
Mailinglists are presently down. We're working on getting them back again and hope they shouldn't be gone for much longer.

23 November 99 - IRC Conference
Logs for the recent KOSH IRC conference are now available here.

10 November 99 - K for Community?
Some people have been enquiring as to the reasons for the change from Kommunity to Community, made some time ago and explained here but apparently never announced. Sorry...

10 November 99 - New document
Many thanks to Kristan Slack for producing a preliminary analysis of scripting languages and KOSH. Unfortunately, Kristan's no longer able to work on the document due to increased pressures of time, so has released it for anyone who wants to attempt to complete the work.

If you are interested in working on this document, please get in touch before you start so we don't end up with several parallel efforts!

19 October 99 - Servers Update
http://www.gpwebb.freeserve.co.uk/ is now out-of-date - please remove it from your bookmarks.

http://www.rdg.ac.uk/~ssu97gw/kosh/should be back again by now.

http://kosh.convergence.org and http://www.iconimaging.net/kosh/ are still fine, but it looks like the third URL might not be appearing after all - we'll keep you posted with the latest news, whatever happens.

Mailinglists are now working fine as far as we know - if you know otherwise, please get in touch.

Finally, if you're looking for something productive to do, your wait is nearly over! There is currently a proposal under discussion for a slightly more informal system to get the smaller topics presented, and it shoudl be out within the next few weeks. At which point, there's plenty of small(er) jobs available to anyone who wants something to do!