Recently, a group of KOSH members met in Reading, UK. Here are the notes of their meeting

Here's the notes from the KOSH UK meeting.

*POINTS 22 & 23 SHOULD BE READ BY ALL - concerns registering with KOSH*


Bernard Giltrip

John Chandler

Shane O'Neill

Andy Wanless

Bridge Deady

Note that this is a bit tongue in cheek in places - it was a social meeting as well as a business one afterall.

  1. We discussed what the essence of the KOSH system should be. We all agreed it should be fully scaleable from PDAs to full on distributed network processing. Anyone should be able to pick up a KOSH system and immediately be able to use it - but at the same time it should not prohibit the "power user" from getting down and dirty.

  2. MS <insert expression here>

  3. Bridge was constantly hungry throughout the day.

  4. The UI in the pub is poor (toilets too far away through a complex networking system).

  5. Discussed hosting of KOSH options - hosted on a version of TAO Elate, QNX Neutrino, Win32, Linux, classic Amiga seemed to be the favourites. For those who hadn't seen them, we got a chance to delve in to the Neutrino and Amiga SDK manuals - most interesting.

    Most amusing part of the Amiga SDK manual... the "this may not work" statement in the inside front cover.

  6. One area KOSH could provide expertise is in consultancy work. This could take a number of forms - programming and assessing the ethical (in an IT sense - see below) status of a company.

    Ethical (IT) sense SUGGESTED criteria - please feel to comment on this =

    a) company does not force users in to an "upgrade or die" situation

    b) company does not force users on to one platform over another

    c) company does offer a degree of free technical support (maybe via user groups?)

    d) company does consider the views of users ("Joe Bloggs in the street") when writing new versions of software.

    e) <optional>company provides older versions of software for free to the community </optional>

    Those companies meeting the above criteria would be granted some sort of "KOSH" mark to use on their corporate literature. <ESSENTIAL note> Obviously this needs a LOT of further discussion - the above is just an idea for now. </note>

  7. KOSH may want to join http://www.smarterwork.com in some capacity. Further, perhaps a smarterwork.com site and working system could be adopted for a number of inhouse KOSH projects.

  8. KOSH *needs* some code... anything down in a computer running can form the basis for development. We see this as one of the largest stumbling blocks at the moment. A couple of suggestions included a KOSH version of Angband/Moria/Rogue - just to show it can be done, or a demo (aka Spaceballs 9 fingers style perhaps?) done on an Amiga showing the KOSH name and logo - would be something to show off at shows.

    OK the Rogue clone would need some form of the KOSH "OS" to be completed for it to work. Perhaps though, a port of this (or another bit of software) to a "KOSH-like way of programming" instead at the moment?

    If you have other ideas for software please say - it needs to be relatively simple at the moment due to time and resource limitations.

  9. The KOSH fund now has a staggering 1.05 in it!

  10. In the near future KOSH will be registered as a Ltd company with a not for profit status in the UK.

  11. The KOSH "OS" should have some nice guru messages... or perhaps not as it shouldn't guru;)

  12. We talked about who would be good to provide specs for a possible KOSH UI. Those we felt could help with this should receive emails soon - if you don't and you can please email me direct and I'll make sure all who need to will get the msg that you are interested.

  13. John's comment of the day directed at the world in general "Don't look @ me like that". (This one is very abstract...)

  14. The KOSH share names being based on colours should be changed to standard names like user shares, company shares, developer shares, financial shares so that other non-KOSHANS are enabled to speak to us more easily.

  15. <censored>

  16. Discussed alternative names for KOSH if we run in to problems with Warner Brothers 'cos of Babylon 5. No really sensible suggestions apart from k-os - but amusing ones included: Random OS, Timmy the Mullet OS, Kevin, Joystick OS and Monkey OS.

  17. Kats R' KEWL (They forced me to write that... but its true)

  18. We discussed what the letters KOSH stand for - seriously - is it Kommunity Operating System & Hardware or Kommunity Orientated System and Hardware or some combination. Everyone seems to have their own version. Anyone know?

  19. The KOSH council elections will be held (preliminary date) on 1st December.*

  20. The deadline for registration on the KOSH web site for the December election is November the 1st*