The Search For Greener Pastures...

We are moving towards an era where the computer is king, where we will gradually begin to use the computer for more and more daily tasks. Many anticipate a time when to go "out" shopping will seem ludicrous and we may even banish our vast libraries to the scrapbook, instead holding millions of pages of text on DVD-ROM. We may even see our local multiplexes closing down, as to download and view films from the Internet becomes a realistic prospect, using our new projection TV sets. The daily commute looks doomed to the history books, as we log into a world where we are in the same virtual office, whilst in real life we could be on opposite sides of the world.

As we enter into this era, we have two dominant Operating Systems running on the majority of computers, which, we are led to believe, will see us into this bright new era.

I wonder though whether we should be entrusting our future lives upon two Operating Systems that were first developed in the early 80`s. Nearly 20 years on, technology has improved immeasurably yet our software has merely been hacked, patched and extended to work on this new hardware. You can take a Model T Ford, add a new engine, give it a stereo, paint it in a different colour. Yet, whatever you do, you must always remember that, in its heart of hearts it is still fundamentally a Model T Ford. It will never match the power, reliability and efficiency of a modern car and neither should we expect it to. We accept that change is inevitable, yet we still use outdated Operating Systems when, in fact, we know better ways of doing things.

I believe that KOSH can fulfil this gaping hole. It's still in its early stages and many people won't be able to see the potential it has but I genuinely feel that it will outperform anything we have now. A new Operating System, developed from scratch, using new and innovative ideas, has to be better than kludging an old operating system.

As the world moves into this new era of technological revolution, we must be prepared to go along for the ride. We musn`t let ourselves merely accept these "other" Operating Systems. The Amiga OS made a big impact, and whilst KOSH isn't simply AmigaOS updated, it certainly is an Amiga inspired movement. We are the new generation, we are the new innovators. Let us be radical, let us innovate not imitate.